Some polishing

This update contains some things to help the game look/feel better.

Screen Transitions:

- Added some screen transitions between some rooms. The effect will most likely be changed along with when it happens.

- Added an animation of the players walking onto the field before each round starts.

Round prep timer:

- Added a 3 second timer before each round starts to give players time to get ready to switch from placing traps to trying to get the gem.


- Changed the restart game key from "R" to "M" on the keyboard because some people mentioned that they accidentally would hit the "R" key when they went to press "E"

- You can now press the Escape key to pause the game! How neat.

Game play:

- The plank trap can now be placed on a rock trap to destroy the rock. 

Things planned for the future:

- The name of the game has been changed from Mistep to Misstep as we have come up with a way to make a good looking title with Misstep. This has not been changed yet as the graphic for it has not been made.

- We have gotten the suggestion of having an event happen before each round that briefly shows the placement of traps. We have ideas for how to do this and will be testing the feel of this feature in future updates!

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Mar 23, 2019

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